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Extraordinary women 2011 - Kate Allatt

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Kate’s key achievements:

Kate’s Speaker Bio:

Dr Allatt astonishingly recovered from the very rare condition, Locked In Syndrome, after her brainstem stroke at the age of 39 when doctors wanted to turn off her life support. At that time she had a very young family, ran 70 miles a week and had a successful marketing business.  Imagine being able to think, feel, see and hear everything yet not be able to move a single muscle below your eyelids for months? Her internationally published book ‘Running Free: Breaking out of Locked In Syndrome’ 2011,was on the book shelves, just 8 months after walking out of hospital. She has many worldwide media appearances after her interview with Jeremy Vine was syndicated around the worlds’ media – BBC, Sky TV, ITV, Channel 4, Globo TV, RTL, 60 Minutes Australia, Indian Sunday Times, South Africa etc.

Dr Allatt won Extraordinary Woman 2011, was a VIP at The Olympic Opening Ceremony, is a TEDx speaker, researcher, proven keynote and after dinners speaker.

She thought Lockdown would be a walk in the park after she had unexpectedly flourished from being locked inside her own body for months in 2010.  She lost everything again. Her business, her marriage and purpose.

But then she discovered that her locked in syndrome coping strategies needed to be deployed again and with great success!

Speaker Topics

  • Team Resiliency and workplace wellbeing
  • Organisational transformation 
  • Building agile organisations
  • How to lead workplace wellbeing
  • How to lead compassionately
  • Growth  mindset
  • Marginal gains
  • Women in enterprise
  • Motivating Teams
  • Managing anxiety
  • The role of health professionals in sexuality and disability conversations


Kate story in her words:

“In early February, I was invited on BBC radio to talk about my daring charity climb up the Western Breach of Kilimanjaro, for my fortieth birthday, in June 2010. I was a super fit, fell runner, digital marketer, married, devoted mother of three young children – Woody 5, Harvey 8 India 10 – but our lives were to change forever. Just four days after that bubbly radio interview, I suddenly suffered a catastrophic brain stem stroke. Kilimanjaro never happened.  I emerged from my medically induced coma and was considered vegetative. However, I could actually think, feel, see and hear normally but was just unable to move a single muscle. I felt ‘buried alive’, ‘trapped inside my body’ as I suffered the terrifying condition known as Locked In Syndrome, at the age of 39.  However, a chance telephone call from the same radio producer, was to transform my shattered life, and thus give it meaning and purpose.  More importantly, I was able to help transform the shattered lives of equally written-off, forgotten, people,affected by Locked In Syndrome, globally, The results are nothing short of astonishing. I’ve learnt how important it is for people to be given a good quality of life back in the community.  It’s simply not good enough to pat ourselves on the back for skillfully saving the lives of people who would have simply died a few years ago.  We must consider how we can help make these survivors be the best they can be in our communities afterwards.  Presently, most long term Locked In Syndrome survivors merely just  ‘exist’ pitifully in our nursing homes. I’ve also learnt there are ‘no promises, just possibilities’  and HOPE.

Her media appearances include:

BBC Jeremy Vine, BBC Victoria Derbyshire TV, BBC Today, BBC Newsnight, BBC 5 Live, BBC Radio Sheffield, The One Show, This Morning, Good Morning Britain, BBC Breakfast, RTL Germany, ABC Australia,  The Times, The Times on Sunday, The Indian Times, Readers Digest, Woman & Home, Woman, The Good housekeeping Guide, BBC World Service, Sky News, GLOBO TV, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, etc….

 “Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It’s the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill