Outside of surgical interventions, a person’s motivation is the single biggest factor that determines the success level of their rehabilitation.

I run motivation and thrive webinars for exhausted neuro AHP’s, the NHS leadership and business leaders. My work underpins the vital rehabilitation role of AHP’s.

I credibly demonstrate what is possible for acquired or traumatic brain injury survivors .

Incidentally, I’m also hugely motivating for brain injury clients which improves patient outcomes.

My results prove, beyond reasonable doubt, the importance and effectiveness of excessive repetitive, frequent and intensive exercises. Something Dr Teasell concurred with in his research.

You could say, I blow the lid off the idea of the ‘plateau’ and ‘critical window’.

For ten years, I’ve been a proven and credible stroke and brain injury rehabilitation motivator and peer mentor. Why am I so credible? Because I’m a Locked in Syndrome thriver.  Here is my story

My advocacy and peer mentoring services inspire and motivate thousands of global stroke survivors to improve further their medical predictions and sometimes many years later.

Locked in Syndrome survivors are also inspired to improve physically – motor function – and others are to live their best lives and strive for quality of life.

In fact, stroke survivors community cite my internationally published book ‘Running Free: Breaking Out Of Locked In Syndrome’ as THE stroke recovery manual.

However, beyond motivating AHP’s – OT’, SLT’s, neuro physiotherapists, Neuro psychologists – and stroke survivors. I deliver proven resiliency and thrive webinars. My testimonials.

My normal keynote speaker rates vary to my current webinar rates.  You could contact me for a special lockdown webinar rate?

My work is very varied and my talks are hugely inspirational across allied health professionals.

Maybe I can help your teams bounce back from Covid_19?

Call me 07801 228676 or email kate@kateallatt.com.