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About Kate Allatt

Back in 2010 Kate Allatt 'Extraordinary Woman of the Year 2011' could not have possibly realised how different her life would become by 2014. In just four short years she has:

  • Founded her charity Fighting Strokes
  • Written three books – Running Free (Internationally published), Gonna Fly Now!, I Am Still The Same (All available on Amazon)
  • Pioneered, collaborated and co-managed an Electric Stimulation stroke research application with Nottingham & Keele Universities
  • Been invited by The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg MP to the Olympic opening ceremony London 2012 & being invited to Buckingham Palace to celebrate charitable work.
  • Become an experienced credible national & international Keynote Speaker and after dinner Speaker
  • Even made it onto the most notable cases of locked in syndrome on Wikipedia - 'Kate Allatt is a mother-of-three from Sheffield, South Yorkshire who has successfully recovered from locked-in syndrome. Now, she runs Fighting Strokes and devotes her life to assisting those who have locked-in syndrome.'

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Kate Allatt, Stroke Campaigner

So why should you book her?

  • What compassion and dignity in care really means
  • Want to gain new business as well attracting and retaining employees? Diversity and exclusivity is the way to go!
  • Telestroke – How to use to reduce treatment costs & increase patient outcomes
  • How to self-manage your stroke rehabilitation
Business conference delegates will learn about:
  • Building A World Class Brand On A Shoestring
  • A Woman Who Rocked Life
  • How To Be A Content Master
  • Inspirational Storytelling
  • Successful leadership qualities
  • How to promote a non-profit business over social media
  • How to effectively harness social media to grow your business
  • How to overcome obstacles to achieve business goals
  • How positivity reduces workplace stress & increases motivation
  • An inspiring woman of enterprise
  • An example of an innovative non-profit organisation
For after dinner speeches you will hear:
  • Some very humorous anecdotes from her journey so far!
In schools, kids learn:
  • To be goal-focussed
  • Then stick to your goals
  • Effort & self-belief... (then break some of the rules!)

Kate is increasingly asked to present media, inspirational and motivational awards

Kate's Books

  • Running Free
    A very raw, moving and inspirational story of survivor personality. Kate’s first book celebrates life, friendship and the sheer bloody-mindedness that was necessary to overcome being Locked-In following a brainstem stroke.
  • Gonna Fly Now!
    Kate’s second book reveals the physical highs and emotional lows of being re-united with her family and re-integrating into society, after an 8 month stay in hospital.
  • I am still the same
    An extremely practical self-help book for all types of stroke survivors, so that they make more progress themselves, following a stroke


"Kate's ability to convey the triumph of the human spirit, and make it meaningful for a specific audience is a rare thing. I can see clearly how Kate's translation of her experience could just as easily inspire school kids, as it could high performing teams in a business environment. Simply, I could not rate Kate highly enough."

Jason Brannan, Medilink Yorkshire

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